About Giadas

giadaitaliancucina2Giada’s Italian Cucina is a combination of my Grandparents family’s recipes from Italy. We offer great food great prices and a friendly family atmosphere, your family is welcome.

Born in Italy in the town of Albrobello, in the providence of Bari. Albrobello means “beautiful tree” in Italian Born Maria Gusieppo Mazzarelli, she married my father’s father, Ignazio Convertino and came to America on November1,1923. Peppinela or Giada ,as she was known throughout our hometown of Endicott NY, was a woman of simple needs and wants, but boy could she cook! Ignazio and Giada had two sons, my father Joseph and his brother Johnny. Between our two families, they had nine boys and we would all get together on Sunday after church to sit down and enjoy a feast like no other! Because of the great memories, I decided to share with you great food from my Sunday “sit downs” made with love by my Giada.